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The Byrds

Photographer:  Desmond Harris

Creative Director:  DAYBYRD




It is our mission to help you and your business find visual direction.  From photo shoots,  to image consulting we are dedicated to walk you through the process.  We pride ourselves in creating relaxing and caring environments.                    realizes that these moments create newness, elevation, and in turn, abundance in all of our lives and we are committed to give each client an experience that represents that,


About Us


Thomas Jefferson Byrd IV, has a degree in Mass Media and Film Production with a focus on video and editing for A.I.U.  Day Byrd has over 24 years of makeup and consulting in the entertainment industry specializing in brand development.  It has made the perfect fusion.  Since their marriage in 2015, they have been called to work on many projects together.  In 2017 they created                  ,          

  a professional team committed to making visual content an easier experience.

In Memory Of

The above picture of us was taken by the late great Desmond Harris.  We used the image for our wedding invitations.  I said, "Desmond I want the invitation to look like a vintage perfume advertisement.", and he said "I got you Ma!"  They were absolutely perfect!

He was a dear friend and brother.  Desmond helped begin my career and took a chance on me.  He helped groom me to understand the duties as a makeup artist.  Desmond accepted nothing but the best from me.  He taught me to lose my ego, and to really put the client's needs first.  

Integrity, honesty, and loyalty were not just conversation, but his daily actions.  Desmond started many careers, and helped to change and influence the culture of fashion and HipHop. 

He was a photographer who was ahead of his time, and a friend that I was glad who was mine.

With Love,

Day Byrd

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